The Faces of HackSoft – Dimitar Kotsev

Behind any successful company, stands a motivated team. We would love to introduce you to Dimitar Kotsev.

Today, we would love to introduce you to our colleague, Dimitar.

He is an ex System Administrator and currently a full-stack software developer. Mitko is a father who enjoys spending time with his daughter, open-source, solving software-related problems, and good metal music. 

Dimitar Kotsev

He is known as a helpful person and DIYer with a good sense of humor. Let’s see what he has shared with us in the interview.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Dimitar Kotsev, I am almost 37, which makes me the oldest person in Hacksoft for now. 
Some times… some people… call me uncle Mite or just uncle… Not saying any names but I am sure they feel I am looking at them right now. 

What are you working and for how long? What languages have you been using?

I am working as a full-stack developer at Hacksoft, I am using Django(Python) and ReactJS. I have been working as a developer for more than 2 and a half years now. The project I currently work on requires more Python backend work.

What is your hobby?

Computers, technologies, and heavy music have been a passion and hobby all my life. More recently, I enjoy very much spending time with my daughter and teaching her different things. Also during the reconstruction of our house in the countryside, I discovered the fun of 3D modeling and then building real things from those models by myself. That recharges me a lot.

Why are you at HackSoft?

After joining the second edition of the Programming101-Python course, I liked the Hack team’s energy and passion for teaching others to code. Even then, I thought to myself it should be great to work with those people. Few years and a couple of courses later, here I am. After spending some time with the team, I think this is where everyone can feel like home. It is a great place where everyone shares their knowledge and experience, and everyone in the team can grow to be a better developer and a person.

Name three HackSoft values that fit your personality

  • Freedom and responsibility.
  • “Get shit done” attitude.
  • Mutual respect.

What do you like most about our company culture?

It feels more like a second family than a working environment. In my opinion, it is significant for people’s motivation and dedication. Work is something people do because they have to and not because they like to. When the environment around you makes you feel at home and has fun, you stop thinking about it as work. This is how I feel it.

How do you level up your software skills every day?

Reading publications and news about the technologies and software I use. Taking notes about every new thing I learn every day and researching it.

What are your favorite technologies and why?

Linux, KDE, Python. Why? FREEDOM. You have a lot of places to get knowledge from, you can customize the way you see things fit for you, and if you don’t want to bother -> someone, somewhere, has already “invented the hot water for you”. 

What was the last thing you learned at work?

One great thing I researched and learned recently was dumping the git commit history in one with all the changes with no paging to the editor for an easier cherry-pick. This is some git stuff I am not sure everyone will be interested about but this helps me a lot when I need to execute (Order 66) -> git-rebase. People that use git know what I am talking about. 

What helped you become a better software developer?

I would say patience and persistence. I take every task as a problem that needs to be solved and problem-solving has always been fun to me no matter how hard it can sometimes be.

Can you tell more about the difficulties you faced at HackSoft from the very beginning until now?

Learning git more and more, getting familiar with the deploy strategies and platforms, a lot of scripts and stuff. Actually, you learn a lot of things after you start working in a real environment that you will not touch on a programming course or at the university. If I should say one thing, that is git. But learning to work with it is priceless.

Can you recommend any technology or tool that you find useful at work and might help other developers too?

I would say the VS Code. The first editor that I use and fits all my needs, I write the code, my tasks, organize my day, and it has the flexibility you got with Linux. I hope it will not be abandoned and has the same support in the future.

What is the most important piece of advice you would like to pass to the junior developers?

“Patience, young Skywalker.” For me, this is the most important thing. Programming is a fun job but it is still a job.  It takes time to learn the proper tools, software, commands, and turn them into weapons you can use the best way.

What is the motto that motivates you?

“No Retreat, No surrender.”

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