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Radoslav Georgiev

Radoslav is our CEO and one of our senior developers and team leads. He works mostly with Python, Django, JavaScript & React. He loves building software & building teams that build software. In his spare time he does some functional programming experiments with Haskell.

The Faces of HackSoft

This article is going to be short in words, but plentiful in pictures. We did the so-called “corporate photoshoot”, thanks to Aleksander Kostov, and it turned out to be good. Say hi to the faces of HackSoft.

Introducing HackCast

For the last 4 years of running HackSoft, we’ve acquired some interesting knowledge about the process of software development.

We always learn along the way and always try to improve our skills to ship better software for us and our clients.

That’s why we decided to have an outlet, where we can talk about the everyday things that are happening at HackSoft, and share our point of view about the process of software development.

This outlet is HackCast.

HackSoft at EuroPython 2018

HackSoft team was well represented during EuroPython 2018 in Edinburgh. Radoslav Georgiev, Martin Angelov, Ivaylo Donchev & Pavlin Gergov went to Edinburgh for the conference days of EuroPython and all gave a talk on different Python & Django related topics.